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Elemental Clash: Transformations Pack 1

The EC Transformations Pack I introduces a whole new card type that "transforms" your EC experience!




This pack contains around 50 of the new "Transformed Creatures" card type. Transformations take Elemental Clash to the next level, adding yet another strategic layer to the gameplay of the ever-expanding EC Customizable Card Game!

Your Transformed Creatures of choice are kept in a seperate deck outside of your main deck (your Spellbook) and outside of the game. If and when you own the right Creature (specified on the Transformation cards) and if and when the right circumstances occur ("Transformation-Trigger" on the Transformation cards) you may turn an eligible Creature into a "Transformed Creature" by placing the Transformation from your Transformations Deck right onto the Creature in play. Usually these Transformed Creatures are stronger than usual and have many a special power, so conducting a Transformation will be worth it most of the times!

This Pack is a Mini-Expansions to the Elemental Clash Customizable Card Game and cannot be played without owning at least an Elemental Clash Master Set (also available on TGC). It is highly recommended to purchase a Master Set along with your Transformations Pack in case you do not own one yet.


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Publish Date September 08, 2015
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Why buy this?

  • Transform your EC Gaming Experience by...
  • ...adding the all-new "Transformed Creatures" to your Decks!
  • Around 50 all-new cards featuring amazing artwork!


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