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Combine elements in hundreds of powerful spells and defeat your opponents!




Provided a variety of powerful elements, players can use them together in combinations to overwhelm the opponents.

You can choose to go on a blind attack rush, or carefully plan a strategy to effectively combine the right elements and successfully defend yourself from enemies attacks.

You can play ELEMENTAL as a game for the whole family or as a game for experienced players who like strategy and planning their moves.
The additional advanced rules, divided in rule sets for your convenience, can be added and combined to reach the challenge level you want to play at.

Power levels, elemental strengths, weaknesses, characterization and extra elements provide a customizable, strategic and deep gameplay in every move.

ELEMENTAL can be played in many variants with specific rules that allow 1 vs 1, team or arena matches.

- Polished and beautiful artwork
- Crystal clear rulebook with many examples
- 12 extra element: thunder cards, with more to come in future expansion sets
- 6 template cards to create your own extra elements!
- Sold almost at production cost!
- Made with love :)

Find out more at the ELEMENTAL's website: ELEMENTAL []


Suggestions for custom elements. Add your suggestion! (Some suggestions for custom elements [])

Articles on ELEMENTAL's rules:

- Advanced rules: power levels (Advanced rules: Power levels [])

- Advanced rules: characterization (Advanced rules: characterization [])

- Advanced rules: element of spells (Advanced rules: element of spells [])

- Focus on: healing spells (Focus on: healing spells [])

- Game variant: team (Game variant: team [])

- Game variant: magic streak (Game variant: magic streak [])

- Game variant: power sink (Game variant: power sink [])

- About extra elements (About extra elements [])


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Publish Date December 09, 2013
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More Info Elemental web site

Why buy this?

Between the beautiful art and the intuitive, streamlined rules, Elemental is definitely a game that deserves a place on your game table!

  • Combine elements to create over 200 powerful magic effects.
  • Many rule sets to customize the experience.
  • Quick, fun, strategic!


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