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The system of Angel Magic received by John Dee and Edward Kelley is probably one of the most unique and interesting elements of the Western Magical Tradition.

Practicing traditional disciplines of magic can be expensive, with a long list of equipment and paraphernalia needed for many practices. The Enochian Magic Temple offers an all in one symbolic treasure trove for the aspiring enochian magician.

This set includes a table of practice on board, the ensigns of creation, the tablet of union and four enochian watchtowers with the colouring and truncated pyramids of the Golden Dawn and Thelemic magick. Additionally the lamen, the PELE ring, the tablet of Nalvage and the Golden Talisman are included. The Watchtower Seals, stylized by the Golden Dawn are both on the Watchtower tablets and as separate images.

NB: A skrying medium such as a crystal ball, obsidian mirror, black mirror or other reflective surface is NOT included but completes the Enochian Temple.

It is also not the intention to instruct in the practical use of the Temple, and further resources should be referenced. For the beginner the following texts are especially recommended:

• Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo Duquette
• Enochian Magic in Theory by Frater Yechidah
• Enochian Magic in Practice by Frater Yechidah

There are also several poor or disreputable sources available. The beginner is advised to start with these books as a basis for discernment.


The table of practice is laid out with the seven ensigns on a table top. The siggilum the ameth are put under the four legs of the table (or four corners of the table) and in the centre of the table on top of the central panel. A skrying medium is added above this.


For workings exploring the great table and its component parts the four Watchtowers are placed in the four quarters with the tablet of union at the centre of the temple.


The Lamen is printed on card and needs two holes added on the top end to hang around the neck.

The ring needs to be cut out, fit around a finger and secured in place with tape or glue.

Two of these are included in the set for people working together.


The Tablet of Nalvage is included. Its use is somewhat mysterious, but various authors have offered indications.

The Golden Talisman was received before the reception of the Watchtowers and literally depicts four watchtowers. The original talisman had holes, implying it may have been hung on the body as a talisman.

As well as the Watchtower Seals included on the Watchtowers derived from the Great Table, they are also included as stand-alone cards for use as doorways for astral travel into the Table and its components. The incorporation of flashing colour makes this especially potent.


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