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Strap on your armor, fight back the darkness, and rescue the fallen!




In Ephesus, two players must work together to fight the good fight and rescue Lost Souls from the darkness. They will use Biblical Ammunition, the Gospel, and the Armor of God to fight back the Sin and Demons that block their path. Even though you need to work together to advance through the game, it's the first player to save three Lost Souls who actually wins.

Each turn in Ephesus involves two phases. The first is automatically resolved and the second is your time to execute your strategy. During the first phase, all Sin and Demon cards you draw are played immediately. This is the "NPC/A.I." portion of your battle and sets up obstacles to challenge your strategy.

The second phase is when you utilize the Ammunition, Armor, and Gospel cards to repel the dark forces and work towards saving the Lost Souls. You must be careful how and when you play these cards, because poor timing can easily result in defeat.

While designed for two players, two decks can be combined for a four-player match with turns passing to the left and Lost Souls played anywhere in the center of the playing area instead of on a central line.


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Publish Date September 03, 2014
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  • Simultaneously competitive and cooperative
  • Encourages teamwork and strategic thinking
  • Reinforces Bible knowledge

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