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Make cards and build the deck. Win so you can change the rules.




Did you collect enough snails to have a race? Are you the last remaining human in a land of zombies? Did you finally get the Q and J you needed to complete the alphabet? Or maybe, just maybe, you are completing some secret master plan that YOU invented that will win you the game. Which... you haven't drawn yet. But you know it is in there. Isn't it?

Collaboratively build a deck with pre-made cards or cards of your own design. Draw a card and play a card. Win the game and you get to change the rules.

This edition comes with 80 pre-made cards from our curated collection and 100 blanks. The jumbo-sized rulebook has plenty of space to add and change rules.

It says 7 players max here, but... we really know it can be more than that. Like tons more players. You just need to have enough cards. You could make some.

But we won't tell you how to live your life.

If you wandered here and have NO idea what this game is...

It is just a game that changes with the whims of the players. Or the whims of the winners.

No, seriously, we own three different copies of this game, and they have all evolved their own personalities. I'm worried one might become sentient.

Anyway, if you are thinking you should get this, you will probably want some nice ultra-fine point sharpies or something. Ballpoints and gel pens really don't cut it. They make a mess with all the ink bleeding everywhere.

Maybe add some dice and post-its if that is your bag (We really like the set we added post-its to, that's some weird stuff).

Just pick up a copy of Erratica and start editing, creating, and changing the rules.

We are glad you stopped by.


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Publish Date November 28, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • If you win, you get to change the rules.
  • A legacy version of the classic dynamic rule cardgame.
  • If this game is terrible, it will probably be your fault.

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