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Escape from the Isle of Morrow

A narrative dungeon crawl beneath the storm-ravaged Isle of Morrow




You are the lone survivor of a shipwreck on the cold and lonely Isle of Morrow in the Northern Seas. You are dragged half-dead from the beach by hooded strangers, “the followers”, and taken to Morrow’s Keep, an ancient castle atop a perilous cliff. There you are imprisoned with another from your ship. They say you are doomed to become one of the faceless followers of Morrow or worse, turned into hideous monsters called “remnants” that are banished to the sewers below the castle. There is no escape.

Morrow uses ancient magic to create his slave “followers”, creatures who read minds but have no minds of their own. Yet in battle they strike as one being, with scorpion-like spines on their hands deadlier than even the Northern Sea Dragon’s venom.

The quest is clear – to find a way of escape. However, the Isle of Morrow is older than even Morrow himself suspects. Beneath the castle sewers are ancient catacombs, containing ancient secrets.

Escape from the Isle of Morrow combines dungeon crawler action with the atmosphere of an H.G. Wells' novel.

The game is designed for one player, using one deck of cards, and a single "lucky" coin.

Stacking the cards from the bottom upward – red dungeon, green sewers, brown catacombs, the Labyrinth and the final Morrow’s Keep climax cards – it is a matter of sliding one card at a time from the bottom of the deck across the table and placing it adjacent to the last. You may turn the card you place if you dare and move your player token forward to encounter abominable creatures, amass valuable weapons and armour, steal ancient artefacts and of course, take what punishment is dealt. This continues through the dungeon and through the story until...that is your decision to make.

The combat is simple:

1 or 2 are leg hits, 3 and 4 are arms hits, 5 is chest or abdomen and a 6 or a 10 is head damage. It is also possible to completely miss using this coin-based combat system. Characters start with nothing but the lucky coin around their necks and must find weapons and armour along the way. Weapons increase the coin toss with addtions and multiplications to coin toss scores as the game develops. Armour reduces damage as shown on the cards. Life can be roughly tracked on the character cards with the included clips. Paper clips can also be used. Paper and pen is useful for this game too, to keep track of loot, monster damage, unturned creatures, keys,etc. The rest of the rules are on the back of the character cards. Enjoy Escape from the Isle of Morrow.


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Publish Date April 26, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Escape Morrow's "followers" through his Keep's dungeons
  • Encounter Morrow's "remnant" creatures in the Keep's sewers
  • Discover the Isle's secret and defeat Morrow in his tower


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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