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Exploding Conductor

A Music Education Flash Card Game with Verbal and Drawing Interactions


The conductor taps the music stand with his baton and raises it to the ready position. As the baton moves, the string quietly penetrate the silence of the concert hall. The music builds and builds. The conductor becomes more and more energetic. His face is turning red as the music builds, louder and faster. As the music explodes into the finale of the piece, so does the conductor. Can you be the first to explode the conductor with your superior musical knowledge?


Exploding Conductor is a music theory game with a flashcard element and a drawing element where points are tracked by filling a point thermometer that is shaped like an exploding music conductor.


Exploding Conductor is a music theory game with a flashcard element and a drawing element where points are tracked by filling a point thermometer that is shaped like an exploding music conductor.


When you play Exploding Conductor, another player will show you a music theory flashcard. The card will contain a quesition, a symbol for you to identify, or instructions for you to draw a music symbol or some form of music notation. If you get the answer correct, you receive a point and some cards have multiple questions where you have a chance to receive multiple points. When you get points, you fill in an equal number of sections on your Exploding Conductor Point Meter card. The first to fill the Conductor with points causes his head to explode and makes you the winner of the game! The best part is you learn or brush up on your music theory while you play!


A big part of the Exploding Conductor game involves the use of dry-erase cards. There are two types of dry-erase cards that players will use each time the game is played.

  • POINT METER CARDS. POINT METER cards are used to track each player’s score. Each player fills in one or more numbered sections of the Exploding Conductor image every time he/she earns a point. One side of the card is a 30 point game while the other side is a 62 point game.
  • DRAW-IT! CARDS. When an Exploding Conductor card requests a player to draw a musical symbol or music notation, that player will draw the requested item on a DRAW-IT! card. One side of the DRAW-IT! card has a blank music staff while the other side has a completely blank drawing space.

Dry-erase markers are provided with the game. USE OF ALCHOL-BASED DRY-ERASE MARKERS IS NOT RECOMMENDED.


You are currently viewing the Exploding Conductor starter game that comes with the BASIC MUSIC THEORY 180 card MEGA DECK. This deck is rated as BEGINNER SKILL LEVEL and covers the following basic music theory topics:

  • Treble Clef Pitch (No Flats/Sharps)
  • Bass Clef Pitch (No Flats/Sharps)
  • Note and Rest Types
  • Treble Clef Major Key Signatures
  • Bass Clef Major Key Signatures
  • Basic Common Time Signatures
  • Beginner Musical Symbols, and
  • Common Musical Instrument Identification and Families


For information about the Exploding Conductor card deck expansions, see the "Related Games" section in the column to the right. The following expansion decks are available:

Treble Clef Sharps/Flats Pitches Beginner 54 Cards
Bass Clef Sharps/Flats Pitches Beginner 54 Cards
Key Signatures Intermediate 90 Cards
Time and Meter Intermediate 54 Cards
Musical Symbols Intermediate 90 Cards
Musical Terms Advanced 54 Cards
Note Intervals Advanced 54 Cards
Chords and Scales Advanced 90 Cards

Take a look at the action shots below to see the drawing mats and card examples.


Grab a copy of Exploding Conductor from Worlde of Legends™ and see if you have the musical knowledge to EXPLODE THE CONDUCTOR!

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  • Learn or Brush-Up on Music Theory
  • Expansion Packs at Various Skill Levels
  • A Lot of Fun for Musicians of All Skill Levels

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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