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Extreme Expansion

The ULTIMATE EXPANSION for the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game

The Extreme Expansion brings everything together to form the ultimate expansion to the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game.

This product brings together all the content from Destroyers and Daredevils, Crusaders and Criminals, and Mentalists, Masterminds and Marvels and gathers it one explosive package. The Destroyers, the Indestructibles, the Crusaders and many more.

18 all-new superheroes, 17 vile supervillains, physical, mental, mutant, technology, influence, energy, elemental, mystical, and signature powers, new allies and adversaries from around the world and beyond, new missions and implausible plot twists - the Extreme Expansion is jam-packed with all of it.

Experience a complete comic book experience in a strategy card game. Become more powerful than you can imagine. You can have it all - with the Extreme Expansion for the Villains and Vigilantes Card Game.

This is an expansion and is not a complete game. The Villains and Vigilantes Card Game Base Set is required to play the game.

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Purchasing a POD product entitles you to an additional 50% off of your orders of the Villains and Vigilantes Base Set and the Mind Over Matter Expansion when you order from Contact ben@superhumangames to get your coupon code.

Note that this is print-on-demand product: Print-On-Demand


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Why buy this?

  • 3 HUGE expansions rolled into one!
  • 18 all-new superheroes and 17 vile supervillains!
  • More powers, missions, and plot card than you can imagine!




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Publish Date March 01, 2017
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Adventure
Theme Superhero
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Action Points
More Info Extreme Expansion web site


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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