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Eye of Hermes Oracle: Standard Edition

A companion oracle deck to the St. Jinx Arcana




The Eye of Hermes Oracle was created as a tribute to, and celebration of, the 7th year since the release of the St. Jinx Arcana Tarot. This new oracle has been created in the same artistic style as the original tarot with matching card backs so they can be mixed and used together if the reader desires.

The Eye of Hermes Oracle: Standard Edition is compatible with the Standard and Uncensored Versions of the St. Jinx Arcana and The Celestial Host add-on's (although it is recommended to match the standard oracle with the standard deck/add-on)

The Standard Edition is the censored version of the Eye of Hermes Oracle.

This oracle includes:

  • 1x deck of 30 cards
  • digital guidebook by Walter Freyrson


The Offering, The Evoker, The Empyrean, The Enraptured and others found in this oracle speak to us intimately of fate, lot, fortune, and portion. These archetypes are universal symbols that have taken on many different forms over the eons, but their underlying messages have remained the same. In these current embodiments they offer hope, prompt reflection, inspire love and creation, whisper seductively of power and influence, and aspire to illuminate hidden knowledge.


Covering the wide breadth of human experience, the Eye of Hermes oracle offers messages infused with sacred symbology and homoerotic energy unlike any other divination system, inviting an extraordinary sense of mysticism and enchantment to every reading.

For the uncensored edition of the Eye of Hermes Oracle (contains nudity) see the Eye of Hermes Oracle: UNCENSORED Edition.

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Publish Date April 29, 2023
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • Deck of 30 fully illustrated cards
  • Seamless integration with the St. Jinx Arcana
  • Digital guidebook included

St. Jinx Tarot and Oracle

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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