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Fantasy Foosball

Collect. Trade. Dominate! A new "spin" on Foosball!




In the world of sports, you'll find Fantasy leagues for just about every sport. Have you ever seen one for Foosball? No? Well, now you have! This game pits players against each other in not only a dice-rolling version of the table game, but also in its own version of a Fantasy league. You get to draft your players and can trade cards with other Fantasy Foosball players to up your game. Fantasy Foosball provides a compact game you can take anywhere as well as a social experience to enjoy.

Each tin provides 22 random players from different "official" teams (see list of teams below), so you can mix-and-match as you please by drafting in-game or trading out with other Fantasy Foosball players. Not only can you trade Players, but also Advantage cards, which give you different in-game tactics to help you spin the game in your favor!

This is a dice-rolling strategy card game in which you're trying to be the first to score 3 goals by moving the ball up the field and "kicking" it past the Keeper. Choosing and positioning your Players carefully are crucial for success in this game.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy, lace up, and get your head in the game!

Note on each player having their own tin:

If you're playing with someone else who has their own copy of Fantasy Foosball, each player will Draft from their own set, still taking turns, and still to 11 Players. Put all other Player cards back in their respective tin.

Teams List:

North American Foosball Association (NAFA)

European Foosball Association (EFA)

African Foosball Alliance (AFA)

Asian-Pacific Foosball Club (APFC)

Australian Outback Foosball League (AOFL)

South American Foosballers Association (SAFA)

Universal Foosball Organization (UFO)


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Publish Date October 28, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Trade with other players to improve your team!
  • Draft each game for a fresh challenge!
  • Every tin provides a random selection of Players!

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