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Fantasy Tactical Arena A1

This hex map represents a dynamic arena for your tactical fantasy game.

From Paradox Games' Grognard's Realm division:

If you like The Fantasy Trip or other fantasy tactical or roleplaying games, Fantasy Tactical Arena A1 is a perfect addition to your sessions. The board represents a floor of a gladiatorial arena where combats are arranged. It features bottomless pit to avoid, and a 7-hex rotating platform. Hexes run off one edge of the map so that the GM can integrate 1-inch hex maps for even more epic battles!

Fantasy Tactical Arena A1 Is a beautiful hand-drawn map; it features 1 inch hexes to provide a grand play area. This size is perfect for players of The Fantasy Trip classic or pocket editions.

*PLEASE NOTE: * Owners of this game gain access to a PDF which includes an instruction card and a 7-hex overlay cutout, which enhances the action with a unique game mechanic. DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD IT!

Fantasy Tactical Arena A1 measures 27" by 18" and folds to 9x9", making it easily portable. Own the board now and engage in epic battles!

The Fantasy Trip is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games. - Grognard's Realm is not affiliated with Steve Jackson Games.

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Why buy this?

  • Huge board with 1" hexes gives players a large arena!
  • Unique feature adds a twist- literally- to the action!
  • Adds a new and unique locale for your battles!




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Publish Date May 05, 2019
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Combat
Setting Alternate Present
Audience Game Master
Primary Mechanic Hex and Counter
If You Like Dungeons & Dragons
More Info Fantasy Tactical Arena A1 web site

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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