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Fantasy Tactical Dungeon D2

This two-sided hex map represents a symmetrical pair of dungeon rooms.

From Paradox Games' Grognard's Realm division:

If you like The Fantasy Trip or other fantasy tactical or roleplaying games, Fantasy Tactical Dungeon D2 is a perfect addition to your sessions. The board represents two dungeon rooms connected by a winding hallway. This product is two similar but different boards in one: one map on each side. Each side has a megahex in the center of the hallway separating the two rooms. The front side features three specially-colored hexes in each room, for the GM to plan surprises. The reverse side features a liquid moat surrounding the area, and a watery space in the central megahex.

Fantasy Tactical Dungeon D2 features compact 1 inch hexes for optimum use of space: a perfect expansion to your The Fantasy Trip Pocket Box edition. The board itself is 8" by 16" but folds to a portable 4" by 8" size, so you can carry it alongside your Pocket Box. Own the board and take your on-the-go adventures anywhere!

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Why buy this?

  • A compact sized board for easy portability!
  • 1" hex size is perfect for The Fantasy Trip Pocket Edition!
  • Dual-sided map maximizes your game with little space!




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Publish Date August 18, 2019
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Combat
Setting Alternate Present
Audience Game Master
Primary Mechanic Hex and Counter
If You Like Dungeons & Dragons
More Info Fantasy Tactical Dungeon D2 web site

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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