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Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game

We are all Fools on our journeys. It's dangerous to go alone, take this game with you.




Content Note: This game asks players to be open and vulnerable in many ways. Content may be challenging. We ask players to be kind and adhere to the Code of Conduct included with the game. Images contain stylized nudity.

Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game (FoF) is a game for self-development and developing relationships with other players through Situation and Topic prompts based on the Tarot. This version of FoF focuses on helping players discover their friendship compatibility with other players and develop those friendships through conversation.

Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game is also available for free as a Print-to-Play edition on our website: Products – Fellowship of Fools: The Game

Forging new connections and developing strong relationships (friendships in this deck, romantic relationships and sexual relationship with our other decks) takes time, communication, vulnerability and honesty. For many, this can feel difficult or even impossible.

FoF is a game that gives players an opportunity to get to know people and themselves through conversation and situational gameplay. It is also a game about saying, yes, no and maybe.

We are all Fools on our journeys through this world. It’s dangerous to go alone.

Take this game with you and join the Fellowship of Fools.

Other Editions of FoF

The Tarot card deck has been in use since the 14th century for games and since the 17th century for divination. The art for Fellowship of Fools dates back to 1761 to its creation in France by Nicolas Conver de Marseilles and is called the Tarot de Marseilles. Today, Tarot cards are widely used for game playing, creativity, divination and personal development. Our hope is that FoF can turn that inward reflection of the Tarot outward to help players develop relationships with other players.

We’ve split the Tarot deck into its two parts--the Major Arcana for Situations and the Minor Arcana for Topics. On each card are two different prompts--corresponding to the upright and the reversed meaning of the card. Numbers next to the prompts indicate their difficulty, possible points that can be gained or lost for playing that prompt, as well as the number of Topic Prompts that can be played for that Situation Prompt.

There are multiple ways to play Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game: solo, with two players, or with multiple players, find the Code of Conduct and more ways to play on our website at Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game The game features more than a dozen different ways to play, multiplayer gameplay modes include types of play for icebreaker gameplay, D&D, situational gameplay, improvisation gameplay, and more!

Friendship is a relationship, and we feel it is the backbone for exploring other types of relationships and ways of relating. We are all Fools on our journeys through this world. Fools when it comes to making friends, discerning our compatibility and deepening relationships through communication, vulnerability, respect and trust. It’s not something that’s taught, but something that we can learn and learn better through play.

We encourage players to experiment with the cards and find their own ways to play. Experiment with the cards and the game and submit your own ways to play at Submit Alternate Prompts and Ways to Play

We are all Fools on our journeys through this world. It’s dangerous to go alone.

Take this game with you and join the Fellowship of Fools.


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Publish Date June 24, 2018
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Department Self Improvement
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More Info Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game web site

Why buy this?

Fellowship of Fools is a different type of game. It is a game designed to deepen relationships, and it succeeds by every account...

  • Play by yourself, with someone else, or in a group.
  • Make a new friend or learn something new about an old friend
  • More than a dozen ways to play! Check the website for more


  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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