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Highschool Revenge





The cliques, the sneering teachers, the bullying, the pressure to conform... it's more than anyone should have to take, more than they can take and sooner or later, something... something is going to snap.

Your mind.

One wedgie, one swirlie, one spitwad, one insult too many and something primal trips over in your mind. These bastards need to DIE, every last one of them is a waste of perfectly good atoms and they've made your life a living hell these past few years. Time for some payback, time for some REVENGE!

Maybe, maybe they'll actually realise why you went bugf*ck insane, or maybe - and more likely - they'll blame computer games, roleplaying games, card games, music, trenchcoats, a lack of faith or the fact that teachers aren't routinely armed with M60s.

Still, you can hope.
Final Straw is the gratuitously violent and satirical card game of highschool revenge. It requires a cynical, and sick, sense of humour and is suitable for up to four players with a single pack.


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Publish Date August 24, 2012
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Why buy this?

  • Subversive art
  • Social commentary
  • Mass slaughter

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