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Find It & Bind It: Hexes & Relics Expansion

The second expansion to the original Find It & Bind It




A second expansion to the game, Find It & Bind It in which 2-6 players who control 2 witches each as they search for the Book of Shadows.

The Hexes & Relics expansion comes with 54 additional Spell Cards. These Spell Cards add Hexes (that you cast on others) and Relics (that you play on yourself) and other Spell Cards that add to the fun in various, devious ways.

Like the first expansion, this one also adds a new dimension and set of mechanics that augment the original game.

Please Note: This is an unboxed expansion. You will need either Find It & Bind It or Find It & Bind It: Deluxe Edition in order to play this expansion.

This expansion will fit in the Find It & Bind It: Deluxe Edition's box.


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Publish Date September 13, 2014
Edition Second Expansion
Department Games
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Why buy this?

The game encourages you to be a douche to everyone. I didn't expect it to be that level of fun.

  • Strategy
  • Memory
  • Deduction & Bluffing


  • This game does not come in a box.


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