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Find ME!

An Educational Board Game about Trafficking in Persons
Find Me! is an educational and enjoyable game about Trafficking in Persons around the world that teaches players more about trafficking indicators, victim vulnerabilities, and the realities of human trafficking in every region of the world. Take the role of investigators seeking to combat human trafficking by finding trafficking sites, catching traffickers, and rescuing trafficking victims, while learning about this global crisis.

Based on extensive research and years of experience working in the anti-human trafficking sector, Find Me! will get players thinking critically about the complexities of the modern day slave trade. This educational game includes hundreds of facts and questions about trafficking in persons designed to educate people at all levels of engagement on how to combat and protect against human trafficking.

Game play is centered on answering questions about trafficking in persons, and has three levels of questions.
-Beginner questions are good for use with children and vulnerable populations. This deck focuses on recognizing vulnerability characteristics and potential trafficking in persons situations from the individual perspective.
-General questions seek to increase basic knowledge of trafficking and are good for use with any audience. This deck focuses on general facts about trafficking in persons around the world.
-Advanced questions are good for use with audiences who have experience working in the anti-trafficking field. This deck includes technical questions about trafficking investigation and prosecution.

This game takes about 10 minutes to learn and about 40-60 minutes to play.

Find Me! was designed and produced by Lawyers Without Borders, and international non-profit working in the Rule of Law and Human Rights sectors. The game has been playtested at UN conferences and around the world, and is being used on the ground in several African countries to train Social Workers, Police, Lawyers, Judges, and NGO Staff. Purchase of this game helps to support LWOB's ongoing work in this important field.




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Publish Date December 23, 2015
Edition First
Department Board Games
Theme Education
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Students / Teachers
Primary Mechanic Trivia
If You Like Trivial Pursuit
More Info Find ME! web site

Why buy this?

  • Beginner, General, and Advanced Educational Questions
  • Based on Extensive Research into Human Trafficking
  • Purchase Supports Anti-Trafficking in Persons Work Globally

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