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Flagbearer - Omniborg Starter Deck - Oscafer logo
Flagbearer - Omniborg Starter Deck - Oscafer logo

Flagbearer - Omniborg Starter Deck - Oscafer

Flagbearer is an innovative player vs. player expandable card game.





Calamity has struck Aeon! A once vibrant land lies on the brink of complete desolation. The collapse, an event whose very existence is shrouded in doubt, has shaken the fabric of Aeon to it's core. In it’s wake, Flagbearers (carriers of immensely powerful artifacts that unite the wills of all who stand behind them) have formed factions that are the last bastion of protection in Aeon’s increasingly dismal landscape. You will become one of these flagbearers and lead your faction in their struggle to control Aeon’s few remaining habitable territories.


The Flagbearer Expandable Card Game is a 2+ player strategic card game with each player utilizing a 40-card deck led by a Flagbearer. Flagbearers provide players consistent access to powerful effects. Cards can be Monsters (cards that allow you to disrupt your opponents by attacking their Monsters or relics), Relics (cards that hide behind monsters and provide resource generation or various utility functions), or Actions (single use cards with a myriad of effects). The goal of the game is to reach 20 influence over your opponent. Influence is gained by having more spirit (a core stat that is present on many cards) than your opponent.


Each faction in Flagbearer features a different set of artists providing an emphasis on the factions unique aesthetic and identity. The Omniborg faction has illustrations from AzureSkies-Owl, Drpepper767, Ernő Juhász, Giacomo "Jack" Ghigo, KIERAL, Mitch "Darkzterroid" Joseph, Racknar Teyssier, and Sam Bergamo. That’s 8 extremely talented artists bringing the faction to life!


Product Details

Starter decks are a great way to get started with Flagbearer! Each Starter deck contains a pre-made deck with 40 cards and 1 Flagbearer. These are designed to be easy to learn and provide the opportunity to change them using cards from the respective Faction Box. You can see all Flagbearer cards here.


Card List - Starter Deck - Oscafer

Copies Number Name
1x Flagbearer #3 Oscafer, The Swift
5x #2 Migratory Breezling
5x #3 Plex Sieve
4x #8 Revivifying Injector
5x #17 Hive Protector
4x #21 Plex-Hoarding
4x #25 Plex Accumulator
5x #29 Breezeway Skimmer
1x #37 Frenzied Swarmer
3x #46 Reconstitution Complex
3x #52 Plex Utilization Station
1x #53 Hive-Mind


For additional information, please check out the full game rules: Flagbearer Rule Book 1.1

Tabletop Simulator

Play Flagbearer using the free Tabletop Simulator Mod: Steam Workshop::Flagbearer Beta


For more about Flagbearer you can go to our website or various social media presences:


Instagram: @electrostaticgames

Discord: Join the Flagbearer Official Discord Server!



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Publish Date November 27, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Stunning illustrations and unique faction mechanics.
  • Excellent way to learn how to play Flagbearer!
  • Help achieve inter-species harmony through unity with plex.

Electro-Static Games

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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