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Founders and Prophets Card Game

Just like "Authors" or "Go Fish" with a Freedom Twist!




Based on the book, Founders & Prophets (available at, this card game is just like "Authors" or "Go Fish" except with a freedom twist.

Object of the Game
The object of the game is to collect as many "Principles" as possible. A "Principle" consists of four cards of the same principle (or number), one from each of the four quotes/references - 1. prophets 2. scripture 3. founders 4. constitution/declaration). Each card has one quote/reference at the top of the card. This is the card's name. The other three quotes/references pertaining to that principle are listed below. Those are the cards that need to be obtained to complete the "Principle"

Playing the Game
The dealer shuffles and deals the cards until every players has 6 cards. The rest of the deck is placed face down in a draw pile. All players look at and arrange their cards, grouping them by principle. The player to the left of the dealer goes first (player A). Player A can ask any other player (B) if Player B has a card that would help Player A complete his/her principle. (i.e. if Player A has Federalism - 10th amendment, player A could ask any Player B if they have Federalism - Thomas Jefferson). If Player B has the card Player A asked for Player B must hand the card to Player A and Player A can continue asking the same or other players for cards he/she is seeking. If Player B does not have the card, Player A draws from the draw pile and play continues with the player to the left of Player A. (If Player A happens to draw the card from the draw pile that he/she asked for, Player A gets to continue asking for cards. Also, once all cards from the draw pile are gone, play continues without drawing after a missed guess.)

When a player has successfully collected a "Principle" of all four corresponding quotes/references, they complete the "Principle". In the event a player runs out of cards they sit out until the game is finished.

Winning the Game
After all "Principles" have been collected and all players are out of cards. The player with the most "Principles" is declared the winner.

Pay close attention to what other players are asking for in order to find out who has which "Principles". You may want to remain silent on "Principles" that are being called until you know where they all are. Also, one way to throw other players off is to call for your own card, so they become confused as to who has which cards.

The real purpose of the game is to learn and to appreciate the many quotes/references that testify of the principles of freedom. So, you may want to require that when calling for a card the whole quote/reference be read so that players become more and more familiar with the quotes/references.

*The game is also available in jumbo sized cards (3.5" x 5.5") so they are easier to read. Click on the related games link below to learn more and to order.


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Publish Date July 24, 2015
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Why buy this?

  • Family game - Ages 6 to 96 can play!
  • Memorize quotes and references while you play
  • Use the cards for other card games of 4 suits and numbers

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