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Founding Fathers: Offices & Statesmen

The first Founding Fathers expansion adds 36 cards plus solitaire, two-player and other variants.




Ratchet up the fun with this cute little addition to your Founding Fathers base game.

  • New Statesman offer new Election possibilities.
  • New Offices mean more opportunities for Presidents to negotiate and more rewards to bestow.
  • New Actions provide even more ways to vex and surprise the opposition.
  • Plus, now you can play solo games against a virtual opponent or head-to-head in the party vs. party two-player variant.
  • Finally the Historical Factions variant groups like Statesmen together, providing even more real-life flavor.

The additional Statesmen and Offices should be especially useful for 5-6 player games, but may be employed with any number of players. The new Offices mean that the President has more rewards (that is, pork) to distribute and there is a tendency for all the players to be more involved during the Issues phase. Some of the Offices have new features and abilities as well. The new, powerful Action cards add considerable scope for intrigue.

Variants for solitaire and 2-player play mean a lack of opponents doesn't have to stop you. The robot opposition can be quite a challenge.

But there's even more. the Historical Variant gives each player only the Statesmen of his ideology and section. It works with any of the existing scenarios.

Finally there are special new High Tension rules that reflect the torrid situation of the 1860 election. These also work with any of the scenarios/variants.

Best of all, everything fits easily into your existing Founding Fathers package.


  • 17 Statesmen cards
  • 10 Action Cards
  • 5 revised Issue Cards
  • 4 Office Cards
  • 10 additional white cubes
  • 2 larger white cubes
  • 4 larger green cubes
  • Small rules booklet

This expansion is compatible with either version of Founding Fathers:


What This Is

This is not a mass-produced game, but printed-on-demand. We have uploaded the artwork, rules and specifications, but The Game Crafter makes it only when you order it. Learn more.


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Average Rating 9 reviews
Publish Date November 25, 2014
Edition First
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Why buy this?

... absolutely superb. There is a real sense of history ... and it gives a great narrative... the extra cards from the Offices and Statesmen expansion really add to the game.

  • Voting, politics and negotiation
  • Card-based gameplay
  • Historical accuracy and detail

Up & Away/Calvinus Games

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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