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From Hoping to Having Affirmation Cards | Standard Edition

50 intentional cards supporting your shift to a life of joy and abundance




From Hoping to Having Affirmation Cards are based on the Law of Attraction, and designed to support you in aligning with, and creating your greatest life - a life which is joyful and abundant in all areas.


What the STANDARD EDITION consists of

The jumbo sized cards in this deck measure 3.5 by 5.5 inches (slightly taller and wider than traditional Tarot cards) and are printed on sturdy but flexible 320gsm paper.

Each card is protected with a UV coating to ensure their longevity. This also gives the cards a smooth, glossy finish which makes the vibrant images pop and the deck a pleasure to handle.


Your 50-card deck arrives in a blue, soft-fabric drawstring bag, and is accompanied by a free downloadable PDF which becomes available on completion of your purchase.

Please note: From Hoping to Having Affirmation Cards are available in both a DELUXE EDITION and a STANDARD EDITION. This page provides details of the STANDARD EDITION. To purchase the DELUXE EDITION (which includes a printed full-colour insert, as well as a sturdy box for storing your cards), please click here.

This is a unique print-on-demand product created through a collaboration between Julie Poole (based in the UK) and iNous (based in South Africa). The deck contains the original artworks of Lanon Carl Prigge and the intentional content of Julie Poole.

The purpose of the deck is for daily use to support your intentional shift into your greatest life.

These cards have been created to be used alongside Julie's From Hoping to Having Affirmation Booklet, which is a companion to her full-length Law of Attraction book, From Hoping to Having - The 3 ‘R’s to Create Your Best Life – Remember; Reset; Receive.

On each of the 50 cards, an empowering affirmation channelled by Julie is paired with an activating visual muse painted by Lanon. The affirmation cards are grouped according to the three 'R's Julie outlines in her From Hoping to Having book, namely: Remember, Reset and Receive.


REMEMBER is key in creating the life that you truly desire, for you to move from hoping to having. It is all about your personal power. As you remember and step into your power, you begin to create the life that you really want.

RESET affirmations support you to alter and amend your current thinking, and release blocks, so that you can align fully with all that you desire.

Affirmations to RECEIVE support you in moving that which you desire into your reality.

How to use these cards


It is important that you feel the feelings of the affirmations, rather than simply speak the words aloud or in your head.

Connect your emotions and energy to the words and really step into the feeling of them as you use the affirmations.


The artwork accompanying each affirmation is an added invitation to do just this - to enter into the feeling dimensions of colour, shape, line and movement. Allow yourself to enter each artwork as if ‘taking a walk’ and then discover where the affirmation and image amplify each other.


More about the Creators
About Julie Poole

Julie Poole is a Spiritual and Personal Empowerment Coach, Psychic, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Law of Attraction Teacher, and Author.  She has helped thousands of people over the past twenty plus years to find their own empowerment, both spiritually and personally through her books, channellings, readings, circle, healing and therapy sessions, teachings, and podcasts.

You can read more about Julie here.

About the Artist

Lanon Prigge has been painting LightCatchers since 2019 when he started receiving intuitive downloads as vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Through a contemplative process of sculpting light, he began translating these images into digital artworks. LightCatchers represent the patterns of energy residing at the heart of Existence, and in their vibrancy invite us to connect to our deepest feelings as authentic co-creators of our lives.

Read more about Lanon here.


About the Designer

Samantha Prigge is a multimedia content curator who currently uses graphic design and video to intuitively bring life-affirming words and images into harmonious relationship. She is also the founder of iNous, an independent institute dedicated to researching and sharing the timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind. Her work is dedicated to celebrating individuals like Julie and Lanon who, through the wisdom they channel, remind us of our intrinsic abundance, joy and creativity.

Learn more about the projects of iNous here.


Good to know details before you check out:

This deck is produced and delivered by The Game Crafter, a small US-based business catering to independent creators offering high-quality niche products.

Please be aware that a minimal handling fee, as well as your shipping costs (dependent on your stated delivery address), will be added onto the listed price at checkout.

There are several shipping options available to you depending on your stated location at Checkout. These include expedited shipping options to receive your deck within 1-14 days from purchase. Some options are trackable, others are not. You can learn more about shipping options here.

If you would like to receive your deck as speedily as possible, you can mark your purchase as URGENT at checkout. This means it will be most likely printed and ready to ship within a day or two. Please note that this option will double the price.

Depending on your country of residence, you may also be required to pay custom fees and duties on receipt of your deck. None of the creators or publishers of this deck are responsible for setting the delivery or custom duty fees, nor do we benefit from this additional cost.

You will be required to fill in your credit card details on checkout. These details are not stored by The Game Crafter but only used by their third-party payment providers, which include Stripe and PayPal, for this particular transaction.

As independent content creators who are dedicated to sharing our talents and skills towards the upliftment of ourselves and others, we deeply appreciate your support.

Should you need assistance with your purchase, you can click on the 'Get Support' button at the bottom of this page.


If you require further information or would like to share your experiences of the From Hoping to Having affirmation deck, please feel free to email

The 50-card deck of From Hoping to Having Affirmation Cards is also available as a Digital Edition (full-colour PDF download) and a 50-day Intentional Email Journey. Find out more about pricing and delivery options on the iNous website or on Julie Poole's website.



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Publish Date February 12, 2024
Edition Standard
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Why buy this?

  • Law of Attraction affirmations written by Julie Poole
  • Vivid artworks arousing deep feeling connections
  • Stunning. Empowering. Intentional. Unique.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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