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Fruit Words

Fruit Words is an improv game full of fun for anyone!
Fruit Words is an improv game that uses cards of two kinds and colors. Red cards are nouns and green cards are adjectives. Draw one card of each color to use as inspiration for an improv scene. The person drawing cards is always named Dave.

This game was adapted from a popular fruit-based party game that shall not be named for copyright reasons.

“Dave, draw the cards.”

Fruit Words was created to replace the use of the above not-named popular fruit based party game in the improv comedy podcast Wasting ALL The Time. Said unnamed game did not contain the best words for improv comedy. Fruit Words contains stronger words as well as more general words that will make coming up with an improv scene easier, and hopefully more fun.

This deck of Fruit Words contains 54 green cards and 54 red cards that are not found in any of the other decks.

Wasting ALL The Time is a weekly audio improv comedy podcast hosted by Jonathan Hansen, Cody Parcell, David Paterson and occasional guests. There are characters, spoofs, songs, laughter, bits, parody, and fun games... all improvised on the spot! Episodes include the following segments:
-Fruit Words
-Improv Game of the Week
-Listener Suggested Scenes
-Cody's Words of Wisdom

iTunes: Wasting ALL the Time - Improv Comedy Podcast []


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Why buy this?

  • Now you can improv too!
  • Be cool like Cody, Dave and Jon!
  • The game featured in Wasting ALL the Time podcast!




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Publish Date November 08, 2014
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Humor
Audience Party
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