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Galactic Mappers

Map a continent on the alien world of Ozos




Galactic Mappers is a classroom game where teams of players compete to map out and craft a continent from the alien world of Ozos. Students will need to use the Galactic Mapper card set, paper, markers, and scissors to play the game.

A little bit about the Ozos:

Ozos, aliens from the distant galaxy Blixblixforever, have been hired by the Intergalactic Hall of Fame to create a map of their home-planet.
What an honor for the Ozos! Problem is, they are so bad at geography - they forgot what their world looks like! Thankfully, they remember what was there, just not where. Can you take on the roles of galactic mappers
and help the Ozos create a map of their home-planet?


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Publish Date March 30, 2011
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