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Gates of Atlantis

Make your way into Atlantis in this fast paced solo/coop game.




GATES OF ATLANTIS is a 1 or 3 player fast paced cooperative puzzle game in which guided by video, you will have to solve the combination of the gates of the city of Atlantis.

THE STORY Through underwater caves, your expedition has reached the gates of the legendary city of Atlantis, but in the last hallway... the walls begin closing in! The only way to unlock the doors is to line up the amulets with the signs, your life and glory depends on it!

CARD TYPES There are two types of cards: Action and Door. Action cards are split in half and feature two symbols. They are to be placed on the table in portrait mode. The uppermost symbol is the Door symbol (animals, faces, objects), and the lower symbols (glyphs) are card effects. Door cards have three symbols lined up. They are to be placed on the table in landscape mode. None of the cards have backs, both sides can be used in-game, so the combinations are countless.

THE VIDEO FILES The video files will indicate when the walls begin closing in and finally clash. When you hear the sound of the trumpet, you must begin that round. When you hear the clash, you will have a few seconds to get extra cards and get ready for the next round. Time, intelligence and swiftness are of the essence! There are 4 different difficulty levels, you will play against the video animated timers. You can check how the hardest level looks here:


Take a few minutes to watch the game introduction and overview:

Check out the components and rules:

Watch it being beaten!

Watch it beating the player!


Design: Gabriel Zang Music: KAi Engel - Wake Up Audio FX: Fonts: Jungedstil Ornamente & Bacatá Cover and video art: Jerrye and Roy Klotz MD, Nguyen Thanh Quang - Hang Sung Sot,, Sudhirkishor - Mysterious Ellora Cave


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Publish Date November 25, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Can be played solo or with three players.
  • Plays in 7 minutes guided by an immersive video track.
  • C'mon, is anything cooler than Atlantis?


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