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Goal Digger - The Long Term Goal Game

"Goal Digger" motivates ADHD adults to achieve long-term goals through rewarding 30-minute sessions.




Are you an ADHDer struggling with long-term goals?

Adults with ADHD often face unique challenges when it comes to setting and achieving long-term goals. The ADHD brain thrives on immediate rewards and intrinsic interest, making it difficult to stay engaged with tasks that promise benefits only in the distant future. This can lead to a cycle of procrastination and frustration, where important objectives like career advancements, fitness milestones, or personal projects remain perpetually out of reach. Traditional methods of goal-setting and time management often fall short, leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Enter Goal Digger, the game designed specifically to address these challenges.

By turning long-term goals into a structured and rewarding game, Goal Digger leverages the ADHD brain's need for immediate gratification.

Players earn Goal Digger money for every 30 minutes dedicated to their goal, with escalating rewards and bonuses that keep the momentum going. The game’s tier system ensures that progress is consistently acknowledged and celebrated, transforming tedious tasks into engaging activities.

This approach not only makes goal pursuit enjoyable but also fosters a sustainable habit of incremental progress, ensuring that players stay on track and motivated.

Can you earn the $1,000,000 card within a year? If you put in the time, it's pssoible!

Summary of the game mechanics

  • Goal Setting: Define one long-term goal before starting. (Lose 20 pounds, Start a new business, Buy a house, etc.)
  • Earning Money: Earn Goal Digger money for every 30 minutes spent working towards your goal (e.g., $250 for 30 minutes, $500 for 60 minutes).
  • Tier System: Progress through tiers by accumulating money, increasing your earnings per session at each new tier.

Tier 1: $250 per 30-minute session.

Tier 2: $500 per 30-minute session after earning $50,000.

Tier 3: $1,000 per 30-minute session after earning $150,000.

Tier 4: $2,500 per 30-minute session after earning $400,000.

  • Bonuses and Milestones: Earn extra rewards for reaching specific milestones, consecutive days of progress, and personal achievements.
  • Journal Entries: Reflect on your progress at each tier by answering set prompts without looking at previous entries.(And get Goal Digger Money for it!)
  • Missed Days Policy: Up to 3 free day cards per month without penalty; additional missed days result in escalating penalties.

An Example of Goal Digger

Take, for instance, Sarah, an adult with ADHD who struggles with maintaining a consistent exercise routine. With a goal to improve her physical health, Sarah started playing Goal Digger with her friend Mike. They set their goals, tracked their 30-minute sessions, and celebrated each small victory with Goal Digger money. The friendly competition and the tangible rewards kept Sarah motivated. On days when she felt like skipping her workout, the prospect of earning more Goal Digger money and moving up a tier pushed her to keep going. The added support from Mike, who was on a similar journey, provided accountability and encouragement. Over time, Sarah found that the game not only helped her achieve her fitness goals but also made the entire process enjoyable and fulfilling.

"Goal Digger" was created by host of the top podcast ADHD Big Brother, ADHD coach and facilitator of the ADHD Big Brother Community, Russ Jones. It is currently being played to great success in the ADHD Big Brother Community. We currently have people playing the game for writing a memoir, building a business, and getting in shape to name a few. Yes, adults with ADHD are moving their needle forward on long-term goals! It can be done, and it can be fun!

Buy a deck for you and a friend and get to Goal Digging!


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Publish Date July 03, 2024
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Why buy this?

  • Gamify daily tasks toward your long term goal
  • ADHD-friendly and fun way to get things done
  • Uses an increasing reward system to keep it interesting

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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