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Golden Hour Lenormand Deck

Gain insight into your life with this beautiful, easy-to-use oracle deck.




Curious about oracle cards?

Lenormand is a divination tool with roots in French mysticism.

Ideal for practical matters and simple to read, this format is a great entry into the world of cartomancy, or divination with cards.

Explore your world and gain insight into your life with this charming tradition.


  • Shuffle the deck and draw three cards.

  • Use the interpretation guide and your intuition to see what each card says to you.

  • Next, look at each pair of cards and see the combined meanings of each pair. You might also look at how cards are placed in relation to another.

  • Finally, take in all of the information that the cards present to you - paired meanings, relationships, placemenmts, and join them into a simple sentence or idea to complete the reading.

What a card seems like individually may change when you take into account the cards around it, so it's helpful to practice pairing cards and seeing what they mean in different contexts.

For example, The Anchor may mean safety and security, but if it's paired with The Mountain (challenges) it may mean something is weighing you down.

Similarly, The Whip can mean conflict and pain, but paired with The Book (knowledge, learning) it might indicate motivation.

You may find it helpful to practice drawing pairs and meditating on the different meanings that come up to develop your own relationship with the deck.



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Publish Date July 24, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Ideal for practical matters
  • Intuitive symbolism
  • Readings are easy and fun!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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