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Great Whee Race: Complete Game in PDF format logo

Great Whee Race: Complete Game in PDF format

Great Whee Race: 2 PDFs (complete PDF version of game)




A 12 page full-color PDF with the rules for the Great Whee Race, as well as a 33 page PDF containing all the accessories if you want to print any or all of them. Note that pre-made accessories are also available from The Game Crafter (click on the links below under Related Games).

The Great Whee Race is a tabletop racing game set in an alternate prehistory where our Human ancestors – the Archaic Homo sapiens, or Ahs for short – rub elbows with Neanderthals, Dino sapiens (dinosaur men), Florz (small Ahs), & other species. Dinosaurs still roam the Earth & magic actually works! A sub-species of early Humans called Neuro-Evolutionary Rostral Developers (abbreviated as N.E.R.D.s) has recently evolved, & N.E.R.D.s have been busy inventing all sorts of amazing “cavepunk” stuff.

One of their most popular inventions is the downhill racer, popularly known as the Whee in Cave-Speak. Many different styles of Whees have been invented, & the N.E.R.D.s who invent them almost always claim their design is the best.

A bunch of prehistoric Clans have gotten together to test these claims. The Great Whee Race is about to begin! Each player chooses a Whee Racer, Cavepunk weapons & equipment, & a Crew. The racers then vie to be the first to cross the finish line in a race down a big hill. And just about anything goes in the Great Whee Race, so you’ll have to outmaneuver, outfight, & outwit your opponents in order to win!

Game Overview

The Great Whee Race is played on a track overlaid with a square grid. From 2 to 5 racers vie to make it to the finish line first. Each racer - called a Whee in Cave-Speak - is controlled by 1 player (or team of players), A variety of prehistoric-ish species serve as crew member & give various bonuses. Whees can be outfitted with melee weapons, missile weapons, or both, as well as cavepunk inventions.

Once the downhill journey begins, a simple card-based simultaneous movement & action system is used so that players don’t know where anyone else is going when they choose their movement. This has 2 nice effects: players are all active throughout most of each turn, & perhaps more importantly, there are usually LOTS of collisions.

Players are encouraged to use Cave-Speak (essentially, talk like toddlers) during the race. A unique “game mechanic” is used to resolve all actions: the Rok Draw. Every time they attempt an action or have a contest with another player, a player draws from a pool of tokens consisting of 3 kinds of Roks. Bonuses & penalties add to or subtract from the number of Roks drawn. Most actions have the same target for success, so they are resolved quickly.

Players can use 1 of 6 pre-made Whees & crew, or can customize their own using a simple point build system. There’s another PDF included with track sections, templates, Whee Racer stat sheets & models, & all the tokens you’ll need.

There is a fair amount of color printing, cutting, & gluing involved in preparing for your first race if you use the PDFs. As an alternative, you can enhance your race by using tokens (as well as stuff from your yard, like rocks & twigs). You can really spice it up with gorgeous pre-made components available from The Game Crafter.


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Publish Date July 26, 2015
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  • You can print some or all of the game materials
  • Prehistoric racing at its finest!
  • Exciting and often hilarious!


  • This game does not come in a box.


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