Grid Lions

Enter the Grid

Grid Lions is an abstract strategy game of risk and destruction for two players. Players compete for points and ultimately victory by laying waste to their opponent one line at a time.

Playing the game is simple: remove your opponent from the board 1 line at a time. This is not one of those one-at-a-time, chip-away-at your opponent games. If removing 9 (of your opponent's 25 total) tokens with 1 card is not enough to satisfy your need to dominate, adapt! There are adapters you can attach to a line to make it act in unique and more devastating ways. But you will need to take care, as any actions you take may affect your own tokens.

In addition to eliminating your opponent, you will need to earn enough points to solidify your victory. Earning points is as easy as placing your tokens in risky locations. Can you manage to outmaneuver and outscore your opponent? Will you pull off a victory even after all of your tokens are removed? Are you worthy of the title Grid Lion?


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Cool Factors

  • Easy to learn with simple mechanics.
  • Mixes strategy with a little luck to deliver fun for all!
  • Blast your opponent in spectacular ways with adapter cards!


DesignerNHMK Games
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Publish DateOctober 01, 2009
DepartmentBoard Games
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicStrategy

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