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A game of workers and saboteurs in a totalitarian regime

What is the game about?

You take on the role of a loyal or disloyal worker in a totalitarian regime, the former trying to complete a Canal and the latter trying to sabotage the same.

How do you win? !

As a loyal worker, you win by finding other loyal workers and play work cards to add work to the Canal. As a disloyal worker, you win by
finding other disloyal workers and play strike cards to prevent work from being added.

The Canal is completed if enough work cards are played.

How do you play?

The game starts with each player drawing one worker card, looking at it and giving it to the player to the right. Each player knows the loyalty of one other.

The game is played in turns led by the rotating role of the commissar. The commissar selects 3 players; 2 to work on a task and 1 to supervise the task.

The workers secretly select one work card or one strike card each. The supervisor then decides whether to supervise one of them. If supervised, the worker must replace the selected card and select the other (opposite) card instead.

The commissar shuffles and discloses the cards and add the played work cards (if any) to the Canal. When all players have played the role of the commissar, the game ends.

What makes the game special?

The semi-hidden information where each player knows one player and is known by another player creates a paranoid gameplay. ”He knows my loyalty but which is his loyalty?” ”Should I play according to
my goal and hope to escape supervision or should I play against my goal and hope to get corrected?”

There are many questions but whom can you trust to answer?


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 4 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 10 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 1 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 1 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 1 cards)
Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 1 cards)
NOTE: This game does not come with packaging.



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Hidden and unknown numbers of identities
  • Opposite objectives, loyal wants to work and disloyal strike
  • Semi-hidden information, each player knows one other


DesignerNova Suecia Games
Average Rating (0)
Publish DateMarch 14, 2015
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingCold War
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicDeduction
If You LikeResistance
More InfoGulag web site

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