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Haiku: Blanks Expansion

52 Blank Cards to add to Haiku




Admit it. I suck at all this whole words and phrases you might want to add to your game. I don't know you or your sensibilities and I was foolish to try. So since you know so much better than me, (or just want some custom cards) how about ordering this terrific set of blank cards? Seriously though. This is 52 blank cards to add to your copy of Haiku.

This expansion requires the Haiku base game.
Haiku: The Card Game []

In 2013, new Expansions are coming.
Shakespeare Expansion: Ye Olde Words For Strange Poems
Steampunk Haiku: New Words and a Couple New Variants.
Red Label Set 1: Foul Mouthed Words for Distressing Diatribes. Adults Only.
Red Label Set 2: More Foul Mouthed Words for Distressing Diatribes. Adults Only.


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Publish Date December 09, 2012
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Why buy this?

  • Requires Haiku: Base Game
  • Completely Blank of Words
  • You Can Make Better Word Cards Than Me


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