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Harness Racing Track Game - Program #3 - 56 races

Program #3, 8 x 10 program, 32 pages, 56 races and scoring charts




The original purchase of Harness Racing Track Game includes the race track Harness Raceway and program #1 which has 16 races. If you care to experience an additional racetrack, Trotter Lane Park is an optional purchase that includes program #2 which has 56 carded races.

This program is version #3, and all programs beyond program #1 will have 56 races and 4 full-page, harness racing, photo-artwork by the author and professional photographer, Al Brodsky. There are 32 pages per program and it is not absolutely necessary to buy the programs in numerical order as they become available, although they were created in numerical order.

Races range from maiden races, claimers, fillies and mares, sprints, stakes and races that have some of the sport's greatest trotters and pacers racing against each other respectively. The programs also feature rematches of actual great races, and there are elimination heats, tournaments that have great historical race winners facing against each other competing to gain entry into the final, championship heat. (so cool) You decide at which of the two available racetracks the 56 races are to be held.

The programs list the horse's names, ability levels, post position (which, by the way, are honestly drawn randomly just as they are done in real racing) and are part of a scoring-chart page enabling owners and players to keep an awesome history of the horse's and the driver's (the players) record of play.

Program #3 features:

A 6 race elimination tournament of 50 Hambletonian winners, the top 2 finishers in each race advance to the final, championship heat.

A 6 race elimination tournament of 50 Cane Pace winners where the top 2 finishers in each race advance to the final, championship heat.

2 races of 10 each where winners of the Little Brown Jug race against each other.

2 races of 10 each where winners of The Kentucky Futurity race against each other.

2 races of 10 each where winners of the Woodrow Wilson Stakes race against each other.

Races in this program include such famous racing names like: Albatross, Bret Hanover, Cam Fella, Greyhound, Nevele Pride, Speedy Scot, Always B Miki, Freaky Feet Pete, Niatross, Forest Skipper and many more as each race has 10 competitors, so there are over 500 different horses per program.

You don't have to buy additional programs to enjoy Harness Racing Track Game but personally I can't play the game without the enjoyment of what feels like an actual racing program with race chart recording history being very easy to score. Enjoy watching the action at YOUR race track as YOUR equine athletes compete in simulated challenges, and you'll love being able at any future time to look back at the recorded history of each race.

The game features a wonderful balance of luck and strategy that allows every player (driver) to have a real chance at victory, but smartly weighing the percentages down the stretch increases your win-chance potential.

Personally, I'm addicted to the simulated action of Harness Racing Track Game and love reviewing the history of my board game's, equine racers. If you're a big fan of the sport or even if you just enjoy the game as an abstract race around an oval board, the action is fun and the races are compelling!

I designed and created this game in 1971, converted it to digital files initially in 2016 and first made it available for purchase in the summer of 2017.

I welcome any feedback or comments, and I will answer all e-mails!

Al Brodsky



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Publish Date March 17, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • Programs have scoring charts - archive your racing history!
  • Race the greatest horses of all time against each other!
  • All programs include 4 full page harness racing photo-art

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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