Head Scratcherz Partiez

Rev the laughs at parties with fun, yet thought-provoking, questions!

47 head-scratching questions!

HEAD SCRATCHERZ® is a suite of card decks that offer 47 thought-provoking questions designed to challenge your mind and stretch your imagination—while spurring a deep, fun and friendly discussion with two or more people.

HEAD SCRATCHERZ Partiez is the sure-fire guaranteed way to liven up parties with guests ages 12 to adult! This collection of lighter—but just as thought-provoking—questions brings people together and gets them rolling with laughter!

Start planning your next party! You’ll have your guests creating fond memories of your event when you pose questions, such as:

  • Can you give another player goosebumps using only words?

  • How would you describe the flavors sweet, sour or salty to someone who has no sense of taste?

  • Why is it so difficult to keep a secret?

  • How would you make a dance step that’s not widely known for being cool (such as square dancing) look cool?

  • Can you come up with an example of a fusion of two things that could realistically work, such as a "spork"—a combination of spoon and fork?

TO PLAY: Select a HEAD SCRATCHERZ question card, read it aloud, give all players an opportunity to answer—then discuss!

Enjoy HEAD SCRATCHERZ Partiez at any fun get-together with friends or family!

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Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 48 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Takes conversations beyond ordinary chit-chat!
  • Gives you questions that challenge your mind!
  • Liven up parties and other events with guests of all ages!


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Publish DateNovember 19, 2017
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