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Hexagonal Chess Board (91 Hex Cells)

Glinski's Hexagonal Chess Board




This product is only the board. You will need to supply your own chess pieces or purchase mine separately - Double Sided Chess Discs

If you are playing Glinski's Hexigonal Chess be sure to get the extra pieces you will need to play with.

Rules - How to play Glinski's Hexagonal Chess

Layout the board and arrange the pieces like so, with 1 extra pawns and 1 extra bishop for each side. Make sure the Kings line up across from each other.

A Rook can move any number of spaces in a straight line from any adjacent space. You are not allowed to castle.

The bishop can move diagonally along the apex lines any number of spaces. Diagonal movement is used by following the line from an apex of the pieces current space to the next space.

The queen combines the moves of the rook and bishop.

Kings may move to any adjacent space or 1 diagonal space.

The knight moves the same along adjacent spaces.

The pawn moves forward only and captures to the top adjacent spaces. A pawn may not capture diagonally.

Pawns still have the initial two-step move option, however, if one of your pawns, captures a piece and occupies a friendly Pawn's starting square, it regains its initial two-step move option. En passant captures are still allowed and Pawns promote when they arrive on one of the eleven opposite most hexes of the board.


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Publish Date October 02, 2021
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  • Hexagonal Chess
  • 3 Bishops
  • Support the TripleSgames Youtube channel


  • This game does not come in a box.


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