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Honor Bound

Read your opponent! Bluff your way to victory!
The game is about analyzing the state of play and using/exploiting that knowledge to anticipate your opponent's moves and conceal your own strategies. And unlike many other games lying - not merely bluffing - is a fundamental core mechanic to the game.

Gameplay is similar to Rock, Paper, or Scissors however, you declare what attack you intend to use prior to revealing it. If you lied, well, that's fine, but if you told the truth you gain Honor Points which will enable you to deal more damage later on! Do you dare risk dealing more damage at the risk of becoming predictable?


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Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date November 20, 2014
Edition Second
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Combat
Setting Medieval
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Bluffing
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