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Hot Rockets

Build a hotdog slinging empire in this meta progression style card game.




Overview Video (2 min)


How To Play Hot Rockets (8 min)

A brief introduction into how game play works in Hot Rockets.

Neoprene Mat

This game comes with a really nice neoprene mat to play on. The only down side is that the mat does not fit in the box. You can 100% play without the mat if thats a portability issue. But the mat makes things a little cleaner. This is far less of a problem once you know the game.


Some folks will be upset at my use of AI generated images in this project. A few things went into this choice. First, I was just super curious to try it out. I did so and I enjoyed playing with it. Second, I had a rather specific and really goofy style in mind. AI let me get that. You show me a stock image source for a futuristic mustard dispenser and I will bow to your highly evolved Google skills. And finally, as an indie designer that sells nearly zero copies of most of my games I had to at least explore this incredibly inexpensive option. All that said, I don't really appreciate some elements of AI and I won't use it again. If all of this offends you then don't buy the game...

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Publish Date November 06, 2023
Edition First
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Why buy this?

  • Meta progression between games where you carry cards forward
  • Starting cards you save determine the game setup
  • Open world keyword system lets you create countless combos


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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