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Race to be the best Anvil-dropping, Vortex-hovering, Portal-warping Hoversmith!

Hoversmiths is a wild hoverboard game for 2-4 players set on Hoversmith Isle in the year 3117. You are a hoverboarding “Hoversmith”, pitted against other aspiring smiths, in a race to furnish the Isle’s newest forging arenas with anvils to be employed in the booming hoverboard industry. The first player to forge "The Last Anvil” triggers the final countdown in which players have one final round in their race to be the Smithiest Hoversmith!

NOTE: You can play Hoversmiths in Free-for-all or in Teams!

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Publish Date December 06, 2020
Edition First
Department Games
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More Info Hoversmiths web site

Why buy this?

  • Level Up on your hoverboards and flaunt your Hovereignty!
  • Use Anthony the Anvilator to intimidate rival smiths!
  • Push bothersome smiths into the Smithoreen Vortex!


  • This game does not come in a box.


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