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You’re not the only ones who are hungry.
Hunger is a card game that takes place in the crumbling wasteland of a once thriving civilisation.

Constantly harassed by the decaying zombies that have brought about the fate of the surrounding ruins, you, and a mismatched group of survivors must scrape by each frightful day one meager meal at a time holding onto the hope that rescue will come.

With only a handful of bullets between you and barely enough food for one meal a day, you and your group, exhausted, sleep deprived and haunted by the things you have seen, must work together to survive.




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Average Rating 1 reviews
Publish Date June 27, 2013
Edition Second
Department Card Games
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Zombies
Setting Post Apocalypse
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Co-operation
If You Like Munchkin

Why buy this?

  • Pray for survival as you battle hordes of zombies!
  • Deal with life threatening events and find useful resources.
  • Roleplay as survivors of the wasteland.

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