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I Blame Trump

Left and Right, Serious or Satire?




You are a talented Social Justice Warrior (SJW) competing to gain followers. Your posts earn you "lefty likes" and funding from liberal media outlets and Political Action Committees.  When you include their talking points in your posts, you gain more "likes."  Backers have given you access to Wōkipedia, an incredible resource whose ideas and phrases ignite your creativity and provide a safe space to perfect your posts before hitting submit.

But you are not alone.  Other ambitious SJWs are competing for top rankings by being the first to post talking points, speaking their truth, and using emotionally charged phrases from Wōkipedia. Become too popular and you could be Canceled, preventing you from posting until you clear your name on social media. 

To earn top rankings, you must decide what to include and when to post.  It requires creativity, perfecting your draft posts, keeping an eye on the competition, and knowing when to hit submit before access to Wōkipedia comes to an end.


Use Woke cards to create SJ posts that earn you "lefty likes". Proclaim "I blame Trump!", say your post out loud, and score its "likes."  Being first to post on trending topics, speaking your truth, and including a diversity of talking points are all ways you can earn the most "likes" and win the game.      

Millions of Combinations

Using 150+ Woke phrase combinations from the Wōkipedia, create compelling (and humorous) posts that earn you lots of "lefty likes."


Be The Expert

When your posts cover topics and interest groups where you are a Subject Matter Expert, you gain even more "likes."


Speak Your Truth

Filling in blank phrases allow you to speak your truth, earning you more "likes" and providing you an opportunity to share your perspective on Trump's actions, his impact on social issues, and those affected the most.


Echo Media Talking Points

Wanta be followed? Echo liberal talking points to gain more likes.


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Publish Date October 31, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • 150+ phrases for millions of hilarious combinations
  • 5 ways to earn "lefty likes" = multiple winning strategies
  • Become too popular and you might get Canceled!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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