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I Didn't Eat That

Don't want to pay for dinner? Better start making excuses!




This twist on trick-taking pits you and up to five other players against each other in an effort to see who can claim the least of the feast you're now being billed for.

Reveal an item on your group's check, then take turns selecting the best excuse from your hand to avoid paying for that item. But be careful--if your current excuse conflicts with the one you gave last turn, you'll get stuck paying the tip!

Bring your creativity to the game by coming up with your own explanation for the meals and excuses--the cards are focused on categories of foods, but the story is up to you.

The player who ends up paying the least is the winner, just like in real life!


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Publish Date February 25, 2017
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Department Playing Cards
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Why buy this?

  • Learn to play in 3 minutes, wrap up a game in 15
  • Trick-taking with a twist, good for casual play or filler
  • Fun and accessible for all ages


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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