A Game of Power and Influence in a Clash of Elements

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What is the game about?

You are a God striving to form and control units of the five Elements. Once a unit is formed by matters of the Elements, an icon of the strongest is placed in it. Once a unit is connected to unit of a different element, the two units clash.

How do you win?

You win either by forming three units or by connecting two units. If an element is depleted, the player with the most units wins.

How do you play?

The players take turns to move matters around the board and dropping them mancala style on the corners. This determines which matters they may play and which matters they will get support from in clashes.
Next, they play the matters to the board. Units are formed when 7 matters are grouped and units are connected when there is a path of matters between them.
Connected units clash and the matters of the weaker element are removed from the board. However, the matters of the stronger element are weakened and this may result in another element taking over the unit.

The challenge of Iconoclasm is to play matters, own and opposing, to obtain a majority at the right time and at the right place.

What makes the game special?

The unique mechanism of Iconoclasm is the shifting player relations, where the players’ own actions determine which player colors they may play to the board and which support they can count on. This state of constantly changing yet controlled alliances opens up innumerous strategic paths. Should you build a strong unit of your own element? Should you support another element only to take over its unit? Or should you form other units, see them deformed and among the ruins form your own unit? You must find the answer yourself!




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Cool Factors

  • Circular relations: Players support and oppose each other
  • Shared colors: Players play each others' colors
  • Low complexity, high depth - a tactical brain-burner


DesignerNova Suecia Games
Average Rating (1)
Publish DateDecember 14, 2014
EditionFirst, version 1.4
DepartmentBoard Games
SettingAlternate Past
AudienceHardcore Gamer
Primary MechanicArea Control
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