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Jail Break

Jail Break is a strategic tabletop game pitting you against your friends in a race to escape prison!
Jail Break is a dynamic card game, where the prison layout and the individual skill-sets of your character change with every session.

The game can be played with 2 to 6 players. A session can last from 20 to 40 minutes and the goal is simple: Navigate through the prison in an attempt to gain three resources (a blueprint, a tool, and a keycard) and then head to the room located on your blueprint card to escape.

But the Stonewall Penitentiary can be unforgiving. With every turn you will have to contend with gang attacks, fellow inmates trying to escape, and officers looking to send you to solitary confinement.

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Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date August 30, 2016
Edition First
Department Card Games
Theme Crime
Primary Mechanic Action Points
If You Like Forbidden Island

Why buy this?

The modular layout of the jail means no two games feel the same.

  • Modular board design gives you a different game every time
  • Unique mug shot profiles creates variation in game strategy
  • The theme is spot on and tons of fun!

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