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Jester's Court, Suit Thyself!

Unique card-based movement and competitive mechanics with subtle degrees of luck and strategy.

A fun GAME of maneuver and attack by Neil Atwood

You are a powerful Mage. But not that powerful. And you and some other Spell Casters have managed to anger some very powerful Wizards.

So the Wizards of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs banished all the upstarts to a small pocket of Limbo called Jester’s Court.

Now you and the others must escape. To do that you must collect a banner from each Wizard’s suit. By crossing an edge of Jester’s Court, you gain that banner.

Simple, right? Not exactly.

It is Limbo after all. And all the other Mages keep attacking you, or place obstacles in your way. But unkind is unkind. And you’re more than happy to return in kind.

Because you know only one Mage will escape. And you’ve got just the trick to do it.

Jester’s Court, Suit Thyself! is a 2 to 4 player game for ages 9 and up. It has unique movement and competitive mechanics with subtle degrees of luck and strategy. Using cards, players maneuver their Mage on a grid and attack other players to weaken their avatars and eventually cause them to lose some of the suits they’ve collected. Blocking stones may also be placed, and players may also take steps to heal their Mage.

Note about Components:

The wood components may differ from what is shown in the pictures. This change only happens when The Game Crafter is out of stock or has discontinued a component. As of September 2018, the four Menhir pieces now use 30mm tall cylinders instead of the 20mm tall Octbox.


This game doesn't include a box. The 11" x 11" poly bag is included to store all components. The 10" x 10" large square mat is included for use as a cover to the poly bag.

Playing Cards Not Included:

In addition to the included components, you will need two decks of playing cards. These are standard poker decks including two jokers per deck. For 2 player games, use 1 deck of cards with 2 jokers. For 3-4 player games, use 2 decks of cards with 4 jokers.


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Why buy this?

  • No player elimination
  • Scales well between number of players
  • Fun and exciting for all ages




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Publish Date May 24, 2018
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Magic
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Set Collection
If You Like Kill Doctor Lucky
More Info Jester's Court, Suit Thyself! web site


  • This game does not come in a box.


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