Journaling Cards for Magic + Insight

A new adventure in self-discovery every time you open up your journal.

Hi, I'm Andrea and I love journaling. I made these cards for you, to help you find more magic + insight in your journal.

They're cute. They're super inspiring. Sometimes, they're a little scary, the way they ask the right question at the right time.

The journaling cards want to lead you to the thing you really need to hear right now. Plus they make journaling more fun! You're going to love them.

You'll get a deck of 44 circular cards, each one contains a unique hand-drawn mandala with an insightful question.


Pick a journaling card and journal your response.

You don’t necessarily need to journal out a direct answer to the question - let the card take you wherever it takes you. Does it spark a new question? Does it remind you of something? Does it trigger a fear?

Choosing a card is like diving off a diving board - you could dive in a different way and wind up in a different place each time.

Journaling Cards are powered by synchronicity. You’ll always choose exactly the right card that you need in any particular moment.

Sometimes (often?) this will also be the card that frustrates you the most. You’ll be tempted to choose another card and since it’s your deck and you get to do whatever you want with it, you can do that. But I want to encourage you to explore the places you tend to not want to explore - there is usually treasure hidden in those places.

A new adventure awaits you each time you open your journal!


Circle DeckCircle Deck (1 deck of 44 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Hand-drawn: each card features an original mandala
  • Insightful, helpful journaling prompts
  • Will encourage you to journal MORE


DesignerCreativeDream's Games
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Publish DateOctober 23, 2015
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