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Space exploration & set collection for 1-6 players




The 2011 GAMES Magazine Game of the Year is back!

Twelve years later, this 4th Edition is by far the best version of the game yet, with graphical, component, and mechanical updates and packaged in TGC's high-quality Medium Stout Box.

In this new edition, the award-winning gameplay is enhanced by:

  • Materials for up to 6 players
  • Improved Resource Balance and Black Hole Mechanic
  • New Player Trading Option
  • Official Solo Rules Included

The Jump Gate has just been completed in orbit above your planet, making it possible to instantly transport a full-sized spaceship across vast distances.

Explore far-away planets and discover what resources and surprises they hold. Set foot on a new world and claim it as your own. The Jump Gate has opened an interstellar path to fortune and fame.

Players are spaceship captains competing to be recognized as the best. Points are gained by collecting resources and claiming planets through the actions the players take on their turns.

Each type of resource has a different method for being scored -- collecting sets of the same resource is encouraged ... and disrupting other players’ plans is good strategy!

What makes this the best edition yet?

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UNBOXING: Unboxing Video

SOLO-PLAYERS: Solo-Play Walk-Through Video

Reviews of 4th Edition (2023):
  • Father Geek Written Review ... "Jump Gate continues to be improved through each edition. Refinement of rules, crisper gameplay, and easier component management are all here. Having played every edition since the second, I can see that the designer ... continues to love exploring new ways to make the game more engaging and entertaining. ... This game focuses on the fun at the table and empowers the player to do a lot with very little overhead. Great stuff and a wonderful game for the family and casual players."

  • Boardgames & Bourbon Video Review ... "It hits a sweet spot for me which I am really happy about. It's a mid-weight game with interesting decisions but not a lot of rules ... tactical and strategic ... there's a lot of factors in how you can play it out. I really enjoyed that about the game. Components are cool and it's well thought out."

Reviews of 3rd Edition (2014 - 2015):
  • Gameosity Written Review ... "It is amazing how much game Matt Worden managed to pack into this little box. The design is incredibly tight ... It’s just really well balanced."

  • To the Table Video Review ... "This is an excellent game ... you're going to have plenty of replayability."

Reviews of 2nd Edition (2010 - 2012):
  • Games Magazine Written Review ... Named 2011 Traditional Game of the Year ... "It is one of the cleanest designs we have seen, making it easy to learn quickly. Casual gamers will love it. It has the potential to attract your unconvinced friends to the hobby. Still, it packs enough tough decisions into a short playing time to satisfy experienced gamers."

  • Father Geek Written Review ... "What a wonderful game! ... It provides a fun experience with great depth without making you feel overburdened."

  • All Us Geeks Written & Podcast Review ... Michael: "Jump Gate has solid mechanics ... It is fun and easy enough to teach" ... Jordan: "This is a smooth game with a nice theme and easy mechanics." ... Jeff: "This is a great game and I highly recommend it. The theme and mechanics work well together"

  • Dice Tower Video Review ... "Jump Gate ... it's fun! [The thematic rules] brings a good vibe to the game. I haven't seen many games like this. It's a very entertaining game ... and you certainly should give it a try."

  • The Card Gamer Written Review ... "I’ve always been a fan of this type of set collecting game and Jump Gate does it as well as any I’ve played. Jump Gate is a very well designed and extremely satisfying game experience."


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Average Rating 15 reviews
Publish Date July 22, 2011
Edition 4th
Department Games
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Why buy this?

It is amazing how much game [is packed in here]. The design is incredibly tight – lots of little tough decisions ...

  • Easy to learn & play for families and casual gamers
  • Interesting decisions and fast game-play for seasoned gamers
  • Well-Balanced Multi-Player Game and Challenging Solo Mode


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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