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Keko Chronicles 3: The Galurian Marketplace

Second Expansion Set for Keko Chronicles!




Welcome back to Keko Chronicles!

Leaving the Island of Jo-Jo behind, Lord Quiggs has managed to convince and bribe Pagley O'Fuzzinstuff to transport himself, Samantha and Daniel Keko, and Daniel's new pet Nok-Nok the Nokmey to Pagley's homeland of Galuria.

Galuria is a nation known for its trade and commerce. The nation's magnificent marketplaces are known throughout Nuggles. The marketplaces attract tourists, merchants, gamblers, and thieves making Galuria a fascinating and often dangerous place to visit.

In Galuria, Lord Quiggs reunites with another old ally: Queen Maggie Magillicutty who rules Galuria with joy and strength and who has a connection to Pagley O'Fuzzinstuff that Samantha and Daniel Keko find difficult to believe. Deffilwyne the Hunter has formed an alliance with Shwenn, the leader of Galuria's underground Thieves Guild. Meanwhile, Madame Ponqui's acquisition of the Mask of Ill Gotten Gains, coupled with the blockade established by General Fydo along one of Galuria's main trade routes, threatens to send Galuria into a state of economic upheaval...

And so the Keko Chronicles continue...

Keko Chronicles: The Galurian Marketplace is the second expansion for the Keko Chronicles game.

Players are introduced to new Draggyn and Shibber Creatures, a Krystal that can prevent people from playing entire Card Types; a Transportation that can force players to skip their Draw Phase; a new Mask Item; and some of the craziest Location Cards to date!

3 New Characters to play!

Plus, Zintas! This brand new game mechanic allows players to gain in-game currency called Zintas which can be spent at the Galurian Marketplace or used to activate certain Special Abilities. Gain enough Zintas with the right cards in play and you can actually buy your way to victory regardless of your opponent's life total!

Keko Chronicles: The Galurian Marketplace is NOT a stand alone game. It requires Keko Chronicles: Origins or any other Keko Chronicles Base Set to play.

Updated rules for this expansion can be found here: Keko Chronicles: Zintas Rules Update

Story update can be found here: Keko Chronicles: The Galurian Marketplace Story Update Locations Update: Keko Chronicles: Locations Update Creatures Update: Keko Chronicles: Creatures Update Characters Update: Keko Chronicles: Characters Update


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Publish Date April 28, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • New Game Mechanic!
  • Players can earn currency to spend on powerful effects!
  • Brand new strategies to explore and master!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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