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King of the Skippers- Kickstarter Edition

A classic card shedding game with a Jungle twist




The designers behind Jungle Rummy are back with a new Jungle themed party card game. Gather 4-8 players and try to shed your Jungle crew from your hand, and make your mark as the "King of the Skippers"...

This fast paced party card game is a twist on some classic card shedding games. If you enjoy Uno or "El Presidente", you're in the right place. After each round of discarding from your hand, you move seats in the order of your score, and each seat position has a special ability or power. This ups the strategy of this style of game. (Or, for a faster playing game, you can play without the seat cards, and just keep score on a notepad.)

The first player each round can play any quantity of the same value of cards. Play continues around the table where you must match the same quantity, in the same value or lower. So, if the first player plays Three-of-a-kind of 12 value, you can play Three-of-a-kind of 12's, 11's, 10's, etc... The last player who can play a valid play is the first player on the next round of play. This continues until one player has run out of cards. There's some fun tricks in store too, with Wild cards, Reverses, and Skips...

King of the Skippers is brought to you by the creators of the "Tales from the Jungle Crews" podcast. In it's 6th year, we have made it our mission to create an oral history of the Jungle Cruise attraction at the Disney parks. We have interviewed hundreds of Jungle Cruise Skippers, and recorded their stories for posterity. This card game, and our other merchandise (Shirts, etc..) helps keep the podcast and history moving forward.


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Publish Date November 27, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Light, whimsical art
  • Fast, energetic party game
  • 1920's Jungle Adventure Themed

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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