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the silly game for pervy adults

My buddy Av1 and I made this game while attending far too many kink events that were serious, not-so-social, and a little snobby even! We took our love of play and decided to poke a bit of fun at the folks who take sex and kink a bit too seriously. You don’t need a big toybag to play, or even any experience in the kink realms; just curiosity, an open mind, and a sense of adventure.

sample-toy-card.png This is a sample "toy card" you can earn if you complete the challenge

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player-tokens-1.png these are some of the player tokens you can pick to represent you


screw capitalism, let’s play!

So what is the game like? Well, it’s just like monopoly for sex toys, except there’s no play money. Or money of any kind. Actually, capitalism sucks in real life, why would I want to play at it in my free time? Instead, you earn your toys by completing silly, sexy, hands-on challenges. If you’ve always wanted an excuse to spank your buddy, tell dirty jokes, or show off your horse orgasm impersonation skills, you just found it!

How does it work?

You start on Consent (obviously) and move your player token clockwise around the board. Unless you get a switch card that tells you to go the other direction. Whoops. Anyway, as you travel around the board, you'll land on kinky toy spaces (like sling, safeword, and chaps). When you get there, if the toy is unowned, you'll read the card silently to yourself and decide if you want to attempt the challenge. If you don't want to attempt to earn it, simply say "that's not my kink," and end your turn. If someone else owns the toy you land on, though, watch out! You might be in for a spanking, owe them a massage, or have to fetch them a drink. Don't worry though, you may always opt out of consequences with a handy safeword token. If you abuse the privilege, though, you may be sent to the dungeon, where you'll have to voyuer your friends having all the fun. Its a rough life. Oh, and don't forget to remove an article of clothing each time you pass Consent... unless you are playing the "street legal" rules variant.

It's good dirty fun!

Get your friends together and let the shenanigans begin. It's been called the board game most likely to start an orgy, but it's also tame enough to play with platonic rugby teammates at brunch. I wouldn't invite your grandma, though. Unless she's open minded.... ;)





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Average Rating 2 reviews
Publish Date July 11, 2018
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Humor
Theme Weird
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Mature / Adult
Primary Mechanic Dynamic Rules
If You Like Monopoly
More Info kinkopoly web site

Why buy this?

  • pervy silly fun
  • earn all the toys
  • hands-on challenges

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  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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