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Labyrinthians Prequel Expansion 1 - The Woodland Way

The prequel to Labyrinthians. The journey through the woods, the moors and into the Highlands.




The way to the Labyrinth crosses the chasm and braves the river that winds through the wood. Across the moorlands mind your footing and up to the hills and the Highland road. And there be a cave that few can see that twists and turns below a twisted tree…

Labyrinthians - The Woodland Way

This 3-part sequel tracks the Labyrinthians’ journeys to the entry to the Labyrinth, through the lowland woodlands, learning to fight (or avoid) confrontations, chance luck and master the basics of survival: finding shelter, food and protection. Gameplay is simple. Just shuffle the expansion tiles and lay them down one at a time from the bottom of the deck. Labyrinthians will each have 5 rune spells to help them on their way through Part 1 of the prequel. Labyrinthians enter the wood one at a time, tile by tile. They are allowed to move one tile per turn. If nothing is discovered, the next Labyrinthian follows suit. As Labyrinthians leave a tile empty the tile is flipped. This can prevent backtracking but can also open up new ways forward through the woods. If a risk is required, such as a leap across a chasm, a saving throw is required. >3 means the Labyrinthian must roll a 3 or above to successfully traverse the chasm. If they fail, they take the damage indicated by the roll (1 or 2). This is deducted from their liferunes, indicated around the outside of character cards. This is a quick jaunt through the woods towards the more treacherous marshlands. Example cards:












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Publish Date July 13, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • A fast adventure in lowland woodlands.
  • The honing of stealth, weaponry and runecraft.
  • Even the woodland paths can be treacherous.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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