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Lacuna Expanse: A New Empire

A co-op empire building game.




The Lacuna Expanse is a region of space with millions of habitable worlds, but we were not here first. The Sābēn Demesne are the original inhabitants, and they want us out.

Work together with the other players to build a space station before the Sābēn can send enough enemy ships to wipe you out.

Each player builds out their own colony separate from the other players. Each building they add to their colony gives them additional abilities. The players trade to help each other build better colonies with the ultimate goal of working together to build a space station capable of defending colonies from enemy ships. To achieve this some players will build a space station lab while others use espionage or ships to fend off enemies. In the end, if you don't work together, you will be annihilated.

This board game is based upon the popular web game of the same name. For more information about the web game visit The Lacuna Expanse []


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Publish Date October 21, 2012
Edition 1.2
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Why buy this?

I think it’s a no brainer to suggest that The Lacuna Expanse: A New Empire is a good casual cooperative game with light rules and strategic game play.

  • Each player builds up his own colony.
  • All the players work together to produce a space station.
  • Make tough decisions about what's best for you vs the group.

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