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Layers of Healing Oracle Cards

Inner Power Paintings
You’re receptive to energy, or you wouldn’t be here.

THIS IS NO ORDINARY ART. And it's no ordinary oracle deck, either!

View the paintings; view your soul. Explore your inner self through artwork intuitively hand painted and encoded with layers upon layers of powerful energies from Source.

These oracle cards are also GREAT to enhance meditation, uplift your spirits in a dreary cubicle farm, lift spirits in your child's room, or raise your vibration anytime, anywhere!

Having such powerful pieces in your space will keep the vibration high and therefore increase your ability to magnetize what you desire!

"Wow, this is so beautiful! I can feel the flowy energy of life coursing through it (and me) as I look at it. I’m amazed and intrigued by the creativity, artistry and love with which you imbue your Inner Power Paintings. Awesome work!"

"I just love how when I look at the heart I feel like I'm falling into the vortex!"

"They're all quite lovely - I could see them as big canvases to shift energy of a place!"

"What a beautiful painting. You are talented. I'm honored to witness your growth. I believe in you. I believe in miracles. Always believe."

"I can feel my crown chakra literally buzzing!"

"Great movement between the shapes and how you use different values to move the eye around the canvas. Deep."

"I went into Mellie's art and got in touch with how it 'feels' as its own entity. My interpretation of its essence."

Many of the original pieces of acrylic and stretched canvas artwork are available for sale via the Inner Power Painting FB page here: Originals for Sale | Facebook []

There are also a number of prints and products featuring this powerful artwork (coffee mugs, framed wall prints, skirts and leggings and scarves) available on RedBubble here: Layers of Healing by mellierosetest []


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Why buy this?

  • Each card is infused with powerful healing energy!
  • Each physical painting was created intuitively by hand.
  • Original canvas artwork from the deck is available!




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Publish Date June 27, 2015
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Abstract
Theme Magic
More Info Layers of Healing Oracle Cards web site


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