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Life-Changing Questions

Skip the small talk. Get to the heart of the human experience.




After running a series of scientific studies, we've discovered a specific set of practical, yet rarely-asked, questions that 83% of people reported were valuable for them to answer and 78% said they would recommend to others. The Life-Changing Questions deck is the result.

The questions in this deck can be used to generate insights and focus a process of self-reflection, spark conversation and connection with acquaintances or strangers, and deepen your connections with the people you care about.

How to play

Answer the Life-Changing Questions on your own or with others in Share, Dare, or Solitaire mode. There are many ways to use these cards. Here are a few that we like:

  • Foster deeper conversation with friends at a dinner party

  • Share the cards at a meet up with people you're getting to know

  • Pick a question to journal about each day

  • Answer with your partner to share what's important to each of you

  • Post a question on the fridge for everyone in your house to consider and discuss

What people have learned

Many people who have tried the Life-Changing Questions have told us that answering the questions made a difference in their lives. Here are a few comments we've received:

  • "I learned that you absolutely must engage in self-reflection. You must think about what you can do to make your life better rather than just allowing things to fall into place."

  • "I realized how important it is to allow yourself to lean on other people. It really enhances life."

  • "The sooner I take action, the better things will be for me. I am currently holding myself back."

About us

The Life-Changing Questions is a project of Clearer Thinking. Clearer Thinking’s mission is to close the gap between valuable research about human behavior and actions people take in the real world. We start with the best research we can find and perform our own original studies in order to build best-in-class interactive tools and mini-courses (like the Life-Changing Questions) that you can use to change your habits, make better decisions, and achieve your goals.


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Publish Date June 05, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Deep questions that make you think
  • Connect with people in your life
  • Flexible from solitaire to large groups


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